• Brigitte

    BAMidea is the host of Brigitte A. (née Balogh) McKay's work and experience portfolio. From design to development, I welcome the opportunity to work with you and help your enterprise objectives grow.

    Most of my career has been spent in data warehousing and coding, but my passion is visual design and communication. With a PhD in Advertising & Public Relations from Michigan State University, I explore the areas of positive deviance, native advertising, brand communities, and enterprise social software.

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  • Experience

    Technology. I play the keyboard.
    Experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies in the technology, innovation, and insurance industries have prepared me to assist you with your business needs.

    Marketing. It has to look good to promote it.
    With multiple success stories of increased attendance/ followers, I know how to get the word out. So let's plan something and make it happen!

    Academics. All good nerds research.
    Consumer behavior research/teaching assistantships have prepared me to work with your customers. Syllabi can be found for Fall/Spring semesters. Advertising in Society course syllabus can be found here.

  • Research
  • Projects

    Women for Michigan

    A Facebook group that I have helped with graphics, content, fundraising initiatives.

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